Tax representative of 38 European insurance companies
Experts on Prevention of Money Laundering

FIDES Abogados, owned by LEGSE Abogados, is a firm specialized in the management of the tax representation of European insurance companies that operate on freedom of services in Spain (we are the tax representative of 28 major European insurance companies).

Aside from the aforementioned services, FIDES Abogados gives professional guidance to these companies with regard to:

– Anti-money laundering, so that the companies may fully meet the requirements of Spanish AML regulations.

– The Registry of Insurance Policies covering death risk was introduced in Spain by Act 20/2005. The objective of this Law is to record insured persons with a policy providing death coverage and to ensure that beneficiaries (at the moment of the insured person’s death) can find out about all the policies signed in their favour. All insurance companies (including FoS companies) must update the Registry on a weekly basis, even if the insurance company does not have newly insured people that week.

It is remarkable that the joint invoicing of FIDES Abogados and LEGSE Abogados in subjects related to Insurance Law places LEGSE-FIDES Abogados in one of the first positions in this area on the Spanish legal services market.